A new way to order contacts from your eye doctor


LensFerry S

Automatically receive a supply of contact lenses from your eye doctor when you need them.

How it works

What is LensFerry S?

LensFerry S is a simple subscription service that allows you to buy contact lenses on your terms. Order an annual supply of lenses with participating practices and make easy month-to-month payments. Your lenses will be automatically delivered to your door every 90 days, so that you never have to worry about running out.

  • Simple Payments

    Spread the payments out over time and get the contact lenses you deserve.

  • Make simple monthly payments when you purchase and annual supply of contact lenses through LensFerry S. Paying for an entire supply of lenses upfront can be a large expense to absorb all at once, but just like your favorite monthly subscription services, LensFerry S gives you the flexibility to make easy monthly payments for the contact lenses you want and deserve.

  • Lenses on autopilot

    Receive automatic shipments of your contacts from your doctor, straight to your door.

  • With LensFerry S, discovering an empty contact lens box is a thing of the past. Your eye doctor will automatically ship you a supply of lenses before you run out, without the hassle of emailing, calling or stopping into your eye care practice. Based on your wearing schedule, your eye doctor will know when to ship you lenses and will have them delivered on-time, right to your door.

  • Making a difference together

    With every completed annual subscription, we'll make a donation toward an eye exam for a person in need.

  • Join us in giving the gift of vision to those who are living in underserved communities and are in desperate need of vision care. As supporters of the charitable organization Optometry Giving Sight, we'll make a donation toward an eye exam for a person in need every time you complete a subscription through LensFerry S. Visit their site for more details:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LensFerry S work?
LensFerry S is a subscription service that lets you order an annual supply of contact lenses from your eye doctor and pay for them monthly. You’ll automatically receive convenient and on-time shipments of your contact lenses right to your door, so you never have to worry about running out.
What type of lenses do I need to order?
You’ll be eligible to subscribe to LensFerry S when you order any brand of contact lenses from your eye doctor.
What if I don't wear my contacts every day?
Not a problem. When you enroll in LensFerry S, your eye doctor will let us know how often you wear your contact lenses. Based on your wearing schedule, we will adjust the quantity of lenses that are shipped to your home.
What is your cancellation policy?
You’ll be able to cancel your subscription at any time, without penalty. If you would like to cancel, simply contact your eye doctor or login to the portal above to cancel your subscription.
Will I receive a reminder when I’m about to run out of contacts?
You’ll receive an email on the 9th month of your subscription, reminding you to contact your eye doctor to schedule an annual eye exam and renew your prescription.